Thursday, January 29, 2009

A thank you, and maybe a glimpse of Big Brother?

The next visitor to the site is the 1000th, so I thought I'd mark the moment. Thanks so much folks. Appreciate the support and hope to keep going in 2009, Inshallah.

Here's how I find the blog. I type my name into google, and the urls come up, Jahworld is near the top and I click on it, and I usually see that little number there on the right hand side in the corner that tells me how many sites mention "Pamela Mordecai". (That's what it indicates, yes?) Well, it's nice — and important for an author — that the number has kept going up, but it's a useful bit of data for other reasons too. Here's a recent coincidence. All of a sudden a few days ago the number jumps from near eight thousand to twelve thousand seven hundred. That's weird, I think. Suddenly the world is very interested in me. It's also an oddly round number and I wonder why. It stays that way for a couple of days, two, maybe three, then reverts to where it was before.

I check the comments on my last post in the interim, a post that cheers Barack Obama, the new American president on, and suggests we pray for him, and wish him and the American people well, etc., etc. It's there for anyone to read. But guess what? We've had a visit at Jahworld from Afghan Citizen. (Many thanks Baktash, for visiting! Come again!)

I make no comment. Those are the facts. I know Geoffrey Philp, who has had blog adventures too, will smile.

Perhaps not a bad time to note that the press is not just reporting, but showing us that we suddenly have a clear online aerial view of the residence of Vice President Joe Biden and Mrs Biden. It was veiled in blurred pixels while the previous resident was in office... Semioticians might find a lot to talk about in that. Us ordinary folk just wonder what on earth Dick Cheney might have wished to hide.